KOKO - External Signage


Harper Signs offer a full design service working directly with the client or through designers and architects to produce the best signage possible.


Starting with the initial brief or interpreting your vision and ideas our creative design team have the foresight and skills required to create eye catching well-designed signs of the highest quality that will enhance your brand and suit your budget.


Brand and Marketing Signage

Creating signage is about creating an instantly recognisable image that portrays who you are and what you do.    The starting point for any brand is to think about what differentiates your business from the competition.  Ask yourself what lies at the heart of what you do?   You may be focused on green or ethical values, use of natural ingredients, be community based, innovation, environmental cool, cutting edge or tradition based.   Whatever differentiates you, must be the focus of your sign design.    We help you focus on your business vision and values and then create signage that visually helps depicts this instantly to consumers when they see it.    It doesn’t matter what sort of business you are, bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants, leisure venues and retailer outlets all need inspiration, eye catching external signs and internal signage displays to attract customers and create the perfect ambience.

The use of typography and colour in signs, neon and hoarding displays also play a huge part in creating a sign that instantly helps people understand what your business is about.  This is how huge brands start and who knows we could help you design signage that some day becomes iconic.


Choosing the right typeface will visually project the essence of your business.  Choosing a bold, modern typeface, or a cool funky font creates a totally different vibe to a script typeface.   Harpers Signs will visually help portray the type of business you are and what you stand for.


Colour is an important factor when producing brand and marketing signage. Colours are strongly associated with emotions and affect the perceptions and behaviours of consumers.  The colour green is associated with nature and health and is often used by companies who promote the use of fresh natural ingredients or promote health products.  Red is associated with excitement, blue with being trustworthy whilst colours like yellow and orange are associated with feelings of warmth.  Colours will have a strong impact on consumers’ impressions of your brand so it’s vital that we are sending them the right message when they see your business signage.

If you’re thinking of adding signage or branding to the interior or exterior of your business, give us a call on 0191 2686394.  We’d love to be involved in your project and help create signs and internal displays that represents who you are.